Banking And Finance News: Technological Developments


The digital migration is the biggest transformation in this era. The digital revolution is finally upon financial institutions. Whether or not the migration is a challenge to the banking institutions is yet to be seen. However, the indecision is not a hindrance to banking and finance systems. In fact, financial institutions are taking bold steps towards embracing the change in technology.


Big Data Analytics

The rise of big data analytics is perhaps the most significant technological development that will see banking and financing migrate to a new realm. The “big” in data typically means sourcing all the information in data and transforming it to better use.

Big data makes it possible for banking institutions to analyze data in real time. Large volumes of data can be analyzed, and batch intelligence given back in real time. Big data also provides marketing strategies that configure incoming data and predict the likely outcome. Financial institutions mostly deal with data. The technology provides a platform for banks to focus on real data, which is consolidated by the technology in HDFS. The key advantage of big data is real-time decision making with its streaming and data processing capabilities.


Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud computing has also been a major transformation. Cloud computing has provided flexible and profitable banking procedures and practices. Since everything is going digital, there is no need for banks to be left behind.

Like other businesses, financial institutions are racing to take the advantages brought about by the digital economy. Cloud computing provides the agility required to operate successfully in an economy where digital success is the major driving force. Despite the security and regulatory concerns attributed to cloud services, banks (trondheim banker) are still matching forward to reap the full benefits of cloud sourcing. Cloud-based payments are still in its infancy years, but soon financial institutions will embrace the technology. After all, no industry has so far resisted the economies of scale and agility provided by cloud computing!



Security is a major issue in the banking institutions. The new technology has significantly improved the ease of accessing information since most data is cloud sourced. Bank clients usually store data that is highly sensitive and would wish it to stay so. Financial records and saved money are prone to hackers. The digitalization of banking procedures has facilitated the vulnerability of information. As a result, banks have adopted biometrics, a new technology that will confer security and privacy to the sector and its clients.

Biometrics is a leveraging security technology with unique identifiers like fingerprinting, voice and face recognition, iris scanning and Vein-ID. The technology provides layers of protection to data that makes cyber-crime almost impossible. The feeble technology of passwords, pin codes, and the 2 step verification is fading. Biometrics is the new technology.

Banks are typically the last to adopt a technology. Like any other disruptive technologies, there are concerns about the technology in use today. However every technology has issues and with time the issues are resolved. Adoption of big data analytics, cloud computing and biometrics is still new, but the growth is acknowledgeable.

Britains puppy dealers exposed


A recent investigation made by the largest UK dog charity organization revealed some disturbing facts about illegal import of dogs. These smugglers are supposedly making millions in the process.

The dogs that are sold for british households have come a long way. The dogs are bred in countries like Hungary and Lithuania under very poor circumstances. Diseases like worms and rabies are not uncommon. This is a threat that can could cause major troubles if not stopped. It should not be taken lightly, as it already has spiraled way out of control.

You can help address this problem by reporting any suspicious activity to the government. Before buying from a wholesale, have him/her explain the dogs true origin. They should have legal documents in place on request.

If you want to figure whether a puppy is illegal or not, you could take it to the veterarian. He/she would be able to identify the puppy as illegal landed foreign import if thats the case. If you dont do this and show up at the veterarian without approved papers, you could risk having your dog abandoned.

The most popular dogs imported to UK are french bulldogs and pugs. These two brands are regulary to be found online for as little as £800 each. This means that a dealer who smuggles in packs could earn upwards of £4000 per delivery. This makes dog smuggling a very profitable business.

The smugglers are finding a hack in the passport system where they can abuse the amount of puppies approved for declaration. The dogs welth foundation wants anyone considering to buy a dog online to stop and figure where the dog could be coming from.


Author: Susan Quintanilla

The healthy approach to diet

This article contains some troubling facts about the worlds population health and diet lifestyles. A research performed by experienced nutritionists and the Academy of Dietetics showcases that more than 68% of the worlds population dont eat any fruit or vegetables at all. Can you imagine what this does to our bodies and overall health? Not to mention our expected

Bad health is more responsible for diseases and other sicknesses than warcasualites. The numbers speaks for itself. In this article we are going to have a look at what can be done in order to limit the damage and get a more healthy living.

If you dont eat fruits your body will get low on micronutrients. This makes your body more prone to flue and sickness. Also your body wont be able to absorb macronutrients. Particularly men who eat bad foods have lower testosterone (, less energy and bad quality of sleep.  This could easily be avoided by a good supplement (testosteron tabletter).Print

In order to maintain a healthy body and mind, you need to work out and exercise regularly. The same research as mentioned above, states that 36% of all people dont do any physical activity at all. That is like telling your body goodbye. By working out and exercising you are infact saving yourself time, because your body and mind will get younger in age.

There are many ways to make people exercise more. You can seek advise and join a program like DASH, USDA or Let`s Move. These are approved organisations that thrive for peoples better health. Here you can find an activity that makes you happy and motivated. There are also group acitivites that are very popular and suits everyones different level. The goal is to make people come back over and over again, untill a lifestyle with regular exercise is built. This technique has proven to be very successful.


Written by: Jonathan Hoffman


How to keep bad news from bringing you down

In today’s society it is hard not to be influenced by media. Internet is with us everywhere and we are constantly bombarded with news, both good and bad. We therefore want to set aside time to look at how we can limit the negative impact of bad news. I am convinced that this will lead to more profit and greater joy in your life.

Check out this infographic on how to be smart about media influence.

infographic-bad-news-and-your-brain (1)