Top 8 most expensive private jets in 2016

The super wealthy people don’t travel via public means.They have busy schedules that don’t allow them to wait for flights, as they can’t afford cancellations or delays.Furthermore, they can’t risk the allocation of uncomfortable seats that could be next to an annoying passenger.They have enough money to spend on a more lavish lifestyle.Their best option,therefore, is to buy expensive private jets for a glossy and smoother lifestyle. However, all this comes at a cost, and below are the most expensive private jets in the world in 2016. Owned by celebrities, business people, and politicians, the Jets are an indication of just how much filthy rich people can spend on luxury.


Here are the top 8 most expensive private jets in the world in 2016

1. Airbus A380: $500 million Owner: Prince Al-Wadeen bin Talal
Owned by a Saudi prince, Airbus A380 boasts as being the most expensive private jet in the world. The jet is custom made with high luxury standards and costs twice the price of other private jets owned by the prince. It is luxurious on the size and design and is efficient for individual travels.It is the largest, and the most expensive private plane ever bought. Prince Al-Wadeen bin Talal from Saudi Arabia is one of the 50 richest people in the world and was formerly on the top 5 world’s most prosperous peoples’ list.  When it comes to luxury, this Saudi Prince spares no expense.

2. Airbus A340-300: $400-450 million Owner: Alisher Usmanov
The Richest man in Russia, billionaire Usmanov Alisher owns the world’s second most expensive private jet, Airbus A340-300.The plane is named after Alisher’s father and is the largest private jet in Russia, bigger that President Putin’s iIyushin II-96.The jet has a customized interior, high speed, high technological installations and a security system.

3. Boeing 747-430: $233 million Owner: Sultan of Brunei
The Sultan of Brunei, one of the world’s richest monarchs, owns the plane. The Sultan upgraded from the Boeing 747 that he was previously using. The jet has a living room, bedroom, and bathroom, all decorated with gold and crystal. The jet is installed with advanced technology and has a powerful engine.

4. Boeing 747-400: $220 million Owner: Prince Talal
Due to his luxurious lifestyles, Prince Talal owns this luxurious private jet (privatfly i Norge). Originally, the plane was designed to carry 400 people, but the prince custom made it fit his extravagant lifestyles. The inner structure is very comfortable, and its engine has high power. It offers a serene atmosphere to its passengers and allows easy access to the pilots. The prince has other more expensive planes but uses this one when he needs to travel light.

5. Boeing 767-33A/ER: $130-170 million Owner: Roman Abramovich
This expensive private jet is both famous and beautiful, with a strong engine. The plane has a dining room that can hold up to 30 people and a large master bedroom.The first aircraft could transport up to 30 people, but the Russian billionaire now uses it for his private functions. Roman Abramovich is also the owner of the famous football club, Chelsea.

6. Boeing 747-81: $153 million Owner: Joseph Lau
Owned by Chinese billionaire Joseph Lau, Boeing 747-8 is a third generation jet developed by Boeing Airplanes. Made in the US, it is one of the most expensive private jets.The plane is comfortable, beautiful and has a powerful engine. It is VIP customized and owned by the Chinese real estate tycoon, Joseph Lau. The jet is a moving palace.

7. Gulfstream III: $ 125 million Owner: Tyler Perry
Gulfstream III is another high jet produced by Gulfstream Aerospace and owned by Tyler Perry, an American actor, producer, and director.It is an improved version of the previous Gulfstream II with an adamant engine.The jet is a moving theater, with a library and some big displays.
8. Boeing 757: $ 100 million Owner: Donald Trump
Owned by American politician Donald Trump, this luxurious private jet is amazing. He bought the plane from Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder. He has since customized it to fit his lifestyle, and it now looks great than before.Most of the interior is made up of gold including sinks, seats and bathroom faucets. On top of all that is a master bedroom, a video room, and a home cinema system complete with a 52-inch screen.
There goes the list of the most expensive private jets and their owners in 2016. Surely, the wealthy have a lavish lifestyle that enables them to maintain a class of their own.

Vitamin D shortage in 2016

So far in 2016 the news has been focused on Vitamin D and the causes and consequences of a shortage of this vitamin in the human body. It is thought that people’s lifestyles may be changing in a way that puts them at risk of a Vitamin D shortage.
Why is Vitamin D important?

Vitamin D is important for strong bones and teeth. When you consume calcium from food you eat Vitamin D helps your body to absorb it. A lack of Vitamin D therefore can lad to a lack of calcium.

Risks of Vitamin D deficiency

Without calcium and Vitamin D you are at risk of diseases like rickets. Rickets used to be associated with poverty and starvation but it is making a worrying comeback among people who consume enough calories but their food is not nutritious enough. Rickets causes soft bones which can bend, often this will be the weight bearing bones in the legs.

Low levels of Vitamin D also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, asthma and cancer.

What to eat

Foods which contain Vitamin D include egg yolks, fish, fish liver oil and some fortified grain and dairy products. These foods should appear in your diet on a regular basis. Don’t forget your calcium rich foods too!

What to do

The body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. However these days everyone is concerned about skin damage and cancer and so a lot of the tans we see around are artificial. There’s nothing wrong with protecting your skin but you should get a little sun on your body each day ( Avoid your face getting tanned as the delicate skin will be more susceptible to aging from sun exposure. Remember you don’t need a tan to get Vitamin D, just a few gentle rays.


2016 has seen a plethora of valid researches and studies performed on men’s health. To wrap it up for you, here is a list of the trending men’s health news creating the entire buzz this year.


Top Men’s Health News – 2016:
Macho men tend to avoid health care – according to HealthDay News and a number of studies, manly men are less likely to visit a doctor compared to their women counterparts. The study further explains that even when they do make an appointment; macho men will likely request male physicians. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering such “tough men” (kosttillskott testosteronhave a tendency of downplaying their symptoms in front of other male and female counterparts.
Men’s role in baby health larger than presumed – it’s long been an open fact that a mother’s lifestyle can greatly affect a baby’s health through poor lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking. However, the dad’s role (testosteronivaje) in baby health has often been overlooked according to a number of studies. New research now pinpoints that a man’s lifestyle habits and age can actually have a significant impact on his child’s health; way before birth. Well, now you know.

Cancer screening tests men should get; besides annual check-ups – most men usually rely on annual checkups to get comprehensive results on their overall health. However, this can prove to be somewhat risky going by recent studies. Research has shown that men should get screening tests for the most common cancers known to affect them – lung, colorectal, skin and prostate. As its long been known these illnesses are easier to combat when detected early. Make an appointment with your doctor if you haven’t already, to get one of these screening tests or even a combo.
The above is an overview of news making headlines in regards to men’s health 2016.

Britains puppy dealers exposed


A recent investigation made by the largest UK dog charity organization revealed some disturbing facts about illegal import of dogs. These smugglers are supposedly making millions in the process.

The dogs that are sold for british households have come a long way. The dogs are bred in countries like Hungary and Lithuania under very poor circumstances. Diseases like worms and rabies are not uncommon. This is a threat that can could cause major troubles if not stopped. It should not be taken lightly, as it already has spiraled way out of control.

You can help address this problem by reporting any suspicious activity to the government. Before buying from a wholesale, have him/her explain the dogs true origin. They should have legal documents in place on request.

If you want to figure whether a puppy is illegal or not, you could take it to the veterarian. He/she would be able to identify the puppy as illegal landed foreign import if thats the case. If you dont do this and show up at the veterarian without approved papers, you could risk having your dog abandoned.

The most popular dogs imported to UK are french bulldogs and pugs. These two brands are regulary to be found online for as little as £800 each. This means that a dealer who smuggles in packs could earn upwards of £4000 per delivery. This makes dog smuggling a very profitable business.

The smugglers are finding a hack in the passport system where they can abuse the amount of puppies approved for declaration. The dogs welth foundation wants anyone considering to buy a dog online to stop and figure where the dog could be coming from.


Author: Susan Quintanilla

The healthy approach to diet

This article contains some troubling facts about the worlds population health and diet lifestyles. A research performed by experienced nutritionists and the Academy of Dietetics showcases that more than 68% of the worlds population dont eat any fruit or vegetables at all. Can you imagine what this does to our bodies and overall health? Not to mention our expected

Bad health is more responsible for diseases and other sicknesses than warcasualites. The numbers speaks for itself. In this article we are going to have a look at what can be done in order to limit the damage and get a more healthy living.

If you dont eat fruits your body will get low on micronutrients. This makes your body more prone to flue and sickness. Also your body wont be able to absorb macronutrients. Particularly men who eat bad foods have lower testosterone (, less energy and bad quality of sleep.  This could easily be avoided by a good supplement (testosteron tabletter).Print

In order to maintain a healthy body and mind, you need to work out and exercise regularly. The same research as mentioned above, states that 36% of all people dont do any physical activity at all. That is like telling your body goodbye. By working out and exercising you are infact saving yourself time, because your body and mind will get younger in age.

There are many ways to make people exercise more. You can seek advise and join a program like DASH, USDA or Let`s Move. These are approved organisations that thrive for peoples better health. Here you can find an activity that makes you happy and motivated. There are also group acitivites that are very popular and suits everyones different level. The goal is to make people come back over and over again, untill a lifestyle with regular exercise is built. This technique has proven to be very successful.


Written by: Jonathan Hoffman


How to keep bad news from bringing you down

In today’s society it is hard not to be influenced by media. Internet is with us everywhere and we are constantly bombarded with news, both good and bad. We therefore want to set aside time to look at how we can limit the negative impact of bad news. I am convinced that this will lead to more profit and greater joy in your life.

Check out this infographic on how to be smart about media influence.

infographic-bad-news-and-your-brain (1)