Barzagli: Buffon’s Criticism Make Me Laugh

Barzagli: Buffon’s Criticism Make Me Laugh

Juventus defender Andrea Barzagli claimed criticism of Gigi Buffon made him laugh at the same time call it all crazy Situs Taruhan Bola.

Buffon was not able to save at least one of two goals scored by Isco when Italy were 3-0 away from Spain, but his Juventus teammate rejected the idea if his team-mates needed to improve again.

“Losing 3-0 is not proper for Italy, but I think it can make us grow, as well as young players,” he said.

“Not competing in the World Cup will be very disappointing, but we should not think of it.

“Criticism to Buffon? It makes me laugh, but they can stay that way.

“So Gigi still have to prove his greatness … For me, giving criticism to him is a madness. The balance is necessary. “

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