Studying Piano Theory – Is It Actually Necessary?

Some people and students think that learning piano theory is unnecessary, and just a waste of time. Many people in Singapore who want to learn to play the piano think that only practical lessons are required to truly play the piano well. However, we beg to differ. Theory lessons are still valuable aspects of the entire learning process. Whether you end up picking a private piano teacher or a public music school, a good one will definitely encourage you to take up theory.

The following are some common reasons why it is so beneficial for your journey as a pianist to also learn piano theory.

First and foremost, when you learn theory, you will learn how to read music. Some students who do not bother learning theory may have trouble eventually with reading sheet music, but not for students who have studied music theory extensively.

Second of all, you will also be better able to communicate with other fellow musicians. When you understand the language of music, you will be able to better complete your rehearsals (for combined playing at the higher grades/Diploma e.t.c.) along with your companion.

Next of all, when you understand music theory as well on top of playing the piano, you will get an added advantage as you can better understand why certain chords are used in certain places, and vice versa. This usually means that you can play the piano piece more expressively and with more dynamics. This will help you sound better, and if you are taking the ABRSM piano exams in Singapore, you will also score better!

Last but not least, with piano theory knowledge, you will also be able to eventually compose your own piano song. This is definitely a cool thing to be able to do, and help you become far more than just a pianist. You can also work as a composer in future for music production companies or even movie production companies.

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