Will Piano Lessons Boost Up Your Child’s Studies At School?

As a kiasu Singaporean parent, you are likely concerned if piano lessons will help improve your child’s results in Singapore’s schools. The short answer is YES. If you want the long answer, see the following.

First of all, you should not be asking your child to learn the piano purely for the sake of improving his or her school academic results. A child will not be able to truly master playing the piano, and improve all around if he or she absolutely hates playing the piano. That is the equivalent of asking an adult to do a job he or she absolutely hates. Sure, he or she can do it, but he or she will do terrible in the long run. Therefore, you want to first make sure that your child loves music and playing the piano, so that the following effects I am going to share with you will be amplified.

Second of all, if your child is passionate about music and learning to play the piano, then he or she will put in a lot of effort in mastering playing the piano. When your child practises playing the piano instrument a lot, what will happen is that due to the nature of the skill, he or she has to move fingers on both or his or her hands independently yet still coordinate with each other and therefore workout both parts of the brain at the same time. This is something that people do not commonly do on any given day. Have you heard of the saying that people who are left handed tend to be more creative while right handed people tend to be better at arithmetic related subjects? However, when your child learns the piano, he or she will be using both hands and working both parts of the brain, working out both his or her logical and creative side. Not only that, multiple studies have shown that learning a musical instrument such as the piano will increase the amount of grey matter in a child’s brain, and this effect is more pronounced the younger the child starts to learn to play the piano instrument. Therefore, if your child already intends to learn the piano, then give him or her the music lessons as soon as possible, and as young as possible! You may be able to increase both your child’s logical and creative mind, as well as improve his or her IQ. This means that learning the piano can have profound, beneficial impacts on his or her grades in Singapore’s schools – in both linguistic and arithmetic classes!

Third of all, because your child will need to learn to recognize the various different tones and sounds, he or she will also generally do better at language classes in Singapore’s schools than his or her classmates with no music background.

As you can see from the above, learning a musical instrument such as the piano can truly help your child boost up his or her studies at school. This is very useful, especially in academia driven Singapore.